What services does Rush Imports offer?

Rush imports provides freight forwarding and shipping services to customers located throughout the Bahamas.

Our services include:
• Freight Forwarding
• Purchasing
• South Florida Pickups
• US Bill Paying
• US Mail Forwarding
• Personal Shopping
• Grocery Shopping
• Car Parts Ordering
• Trucking Services
• Customs Brokerage
• Package Returns
• Free Delivery

Do I need to sign up to use your service?

Sign up is not mandatory, but recommended! Signing up will automatically put you in our system and will avoid shipment delays. Signing up will also make you eligible for promotions, special deals and discounts.

How do I use your freight forwarding service?

Shipping packages with us is easy. You may have packages either sent or delivered to our warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. Once your order is complete, send us a copy of your payment receipt by email. We will ship and clear your packages for you and contact you when it is ready for collection.

Since we offer both air and ocean shipping, your packages will automatically be sorted and shipped as such:

• All packages under 50lbs will automatically ship via air freight
• All packages over 75lbs will automatically ship via ocean freight
• Packages between 51lbs and 74lbs will ship based on the dimensions, or can be specified by the customer

Please request  any exceptions in writing by sending an email to mypackage@rush-imports.com

What is your US address?

In order to have packages delivered to our address without issue, please ensure that you complete the shipping address correctly.

Your FIRST and LAST name

960 NW 53rd Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to indicate Rush Imports on the address label or have the name of any other person included. Either of these may cause delays in identification and sorting of packages.

How often do you have shipments?

Air Shipments arrive three times weekly, on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday. Ocean Shipments arrive once weekly, generally on Tuesdays. During high demand or peak periods additional shipments are scheduled.

The cut off time for packages to make an air shipment is 2pm the day before its scheduled arrival.  This means that by 2pm the package must be received, and the invoice should either be in our system or accompanying the package.

The cut off for ocean shipments is by 4pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Do you ship to the Family Islands?

Of course! Rush imports provides service to the entire Bahamas. Family Island residents can have their items shipped to us and we will coordinate payment and forward them to the mail boat of your choice.

Can I drop off packages to your US location?

Yes you may. Rush Imports accepts small or large items from individuals at our warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. Invoices are required at the time of drop off, and packages should be packaged properly for shipping. Boxes and shipping supplies are available for sale. Warehouse hours are Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm. Weekends and Holidays are by appointment only.

Can you purchase or pick up an item for me?

Rush Imports provides personal shopping and pick up service anywhere in the South Florida area. From full fledge shopping to a small envelope pick up or bill paying, we are available to help you. Just contact a service representative or call our office and let us know what you need and we will assist you as best we can.

Personal shopping service may be requested in writing to mypackage@rush-imports.com. Customers must make as detailed a list as possible, and pay for the cost of the order in full.  Orders will be consolidated, packed and shipped out by ocean freight. Shipping charges and Government duty and taxes will be due upon arrival.

What if I don't have a credit card or my Bahamian credit card is not accepted by the vendor?

No Credit card? No problem! Just give us a call or send us a note by email with a link to the item that you would like to purchase and all other pertinent information.  We will make the purchase for you, and take a deposit equal to the purchase price.  Once the item arrives in Nassau you will pay the freight, duty and taxes and fees.

What charges should I expect on my bill?

Customer invoices will include Rush Imports charges such as freight, processing fee, insurance etc. There will also be Bahamas Customs charges such as duty, import vat, environmental levy charges etc. Not all charges will apply to all invoices and additional charges may apply, depending on the services requested. If you have a question or would like to enquire about any charges, please do not hesitate to contact a Customer Service Representative.

How is Freight calculated?

Freight is calculated by actual or dimensional weight, using whichever weight is greatest. The actual weight is the weight of a package, calculated by an accurate scale. Dimensional weight is the weight of a package, based on the dimensions of the outer packaging. It is essentially the amount of space a package occupies expressed in pounds. Therefore, light but bulky packages may cost the same as small, heavy packages.

Why do I have to pay VAT twice?

Value Added Tax appears two places on your invoice. The first VAT is an import VAT, which is applied by The Bahamas Government on the landed cost of all items imported. The second VAT charged is for the service provided, which is a mandatory charge that must be applied as we are a VAT registrant. This charge applies to Rush Imports service fees such as Freight, delivery fee, pick up fee, etc.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque*, credit and debit card payments (Visa and Mastercard).

*Only business/company cheques, or preapproved personal cheques will be accepted.

I ordered the wrong item. Can you return my package to the shipper?

It will be our pleasure to help you return any eligible packages to the original shipper. Simply request a return label from your shipper and affix it to your package(s). Bring the package and pay the service fee within 21 days of when the package needs to be returned, and we’ll take it from there.

How do I go about getting my items delivered?

Delivery should be requested in writing by emailing us at delivery@rush-imports.com. We will contact you to arrange the delivery date and time. Customers are asked to be in place and ready to receive the delivery.

Can I pick up an item shipped to your Fort Lauderdale warehouse?

Yes! If you would like to collect an item that has not shipped out from our warehouse, please let us know and we will hold it to the side for 10 days. Each package will incur an in and out fee, which can be paid either in our Nassau office or at the time of pick up in Fort Lauderdale.

How many days before storage charges begin?

Packages arriving in Fort Lauderdale must be shipped out within 5 business days before they are subjected to storage charges.  Packages that have arrived in Nassau are also held for 5 business days before storage kicks in.

Storage Rates are as follows:
• Packages up to 6lbs – $10.00
• Packages between 6.1lbs and 29.99lbs – $15.00
• Packages over 30lbs – $20.00

Packages not collected within 30 business days will be sold to cover costs.

How can I have my packages consolidated?

Consolidation refers to packages arriving at different times and/or on different days that are shipped and billed together.

Customers may request this by email before the first package is received at our FLL warehouse.

Requests must be accompanied by the invoices, and sent to consolidate@rush-imports.com

• Packages must arrive within 5 business days of one another and will ship out on the next available shipment
• Packages left in the warehouse after 5 business days will be subjected to storage fees
• The consolidation fee of $10.00/per consolidation applies to each request
• Customers who would also like to have their packages repackaged may request this service for an additional charge